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Our web site is the result of a real collection carried out during more than twelve (12) years, of approximately two hundred sixty (260) bottles of rum of different brands from around the world, which we want to share with the people interested in the world of the rum. The place where the rums of the world live together.

The web site offers primarily the collection, on which we have done our best effort in the photos that have incorporated as image of your products, which were taken directly from the collection, nevertheless, is our interest to improve it and to complete it, in such sense we are to your complete attention for:

a. To receive your images that for certain are better elaborated and to incorporate them or to substitute them in our page for free.
b. To receive your rums that are not currently in our collection or the new that you produce, in physical form as in digital image, with the idea of expanding the physical collection and to improve the page.

On the other hand when looking the collection and checking out some of your products, the people interested will be able to use the link available to be connected directly with your web page.

The page offers Banners of publicity that are available to you to incorporate publicity or events of your products.

In an appendix to the present you will find the shipping address to send your products and the fees related to the page.

We want to take the opportunity to request that all the comments or suggestions that you may have with the purpose of improving and optimizing the page, will be gladly accepted.

Yours faithfully,

José Enrique Yáber
Mail: lacasadelron@gmail.com
Web: www.casadelron.com
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